Mimblewimble DeFi Platform

Mine and instantly swap Atomis for Bitcoin

Our Core Values

Atomis mission is to provide a highly liquid and private cryptocurrency that can be exchanged immediately for Bitcoin within our GUI wallet


We believe privacy is a basic human right and confidential transactions are utilized to achieve this objective


Our blockchain is based on the Mimblewimble protocol that creates a compact blockchain


Ease of use is taken into consideration for our product


Our team is anonymous and decision-making is based on what the community wants


Building a healthy and vibrant community is a top objective and all people are welcomed


The groundbreaking feature within our wallet is our key competitive advantage

Global Distributed Network

  • We are building an international community of traders that will participate in our marketplace

  • Market liquidity across borders is an important concept underlying our mission to provide a truly decentralized trading experience

  • Our developers are located across the world to build the best crypto platform for privacy and liquidity

North American Nodes
South American Nodes
Asian and African Nodes

Knowledge Center

An atomic swap is a smart contract technology that enables the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another without using centralized intermediaries, such as exchanges. For example, Lightning Labs, a startup that uses bitcoin's lightning network for transactions, has conducted off-chain swaps using the technology. - Wikipedia

We have made swapping for Bitcoin extremely easy with the Atomis desktop wallets.